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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

When people think of a mental health disorder, they probably assume that it is just 'all in your head' - but this isn't necessarily true. What many people fail to realise, is that anxiety can have a significant impact on your body. Now I'm no scientist, but with a little help from my E in AS Biology, I do know that anxiety causes the release of several stress chemicals, which in turn can have numerous physical effects. This includes the hormones cortisol and adrenaline, but don't quote me on that...

So, not only are people with mental health conditions often experiencing considerable mental distress, but they are also trying to deal with the physical symptoms that their body is going through.

Here are just some of the physical symptoms caused by anxiety:

- Nausea
- Sweating/hot flushes
- Fast or irregular heartbeat
- Pins and needles
- Difficulty sleeping/fatigue
- Feeling lightheaded or dizzy
- Headaches
- Stomach upset

Of course, these are only a select few of the extensive list of physical effects which anxiety can cause. Nonetheless, I think it gives a good idea of the kind of symptoms that people who suffer from anxiety disorders may experience in their daily life.

When I'm anxious, my stomach is the first to respond - and trust me, it doesn't stop reminding me (but let's not go in to too much detail about that). Also, I often wake up in the morning feeling sick. Sometimes, I know it's because there is something happening on that day that I'm dreading. Other times, my anxiety just likes to pop up and say hi whenever it feels like it, who needs a reason?

Having social anxiety, social situations also make me extremely nervous (no shit) - this is where I experience the most physical symptoms of anxiety. Hyperventilating, sweating, overheating, shaking...these are all things I experience leading up to a social event (or even just because of something stupid like making a phone call). As I mentioned before, I used to turn up to my part-time job in a right state because of how worked up I got about it.

The combination of both mental and physical discomfort, is what makes having a mental health disorder all that much harder to cope with sometimes. Mental health conditions aren't solely in the mind - they also have their fair share of physical symptoms too!

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