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Monday, 4 July 2016

The Need For Control

OCD is fuelled by the desire for control. OCD is also a liar. It lures you in with a false sense of security that if you just do as it says then everything will be alright, nothing bad will happen. Everything you're worried about wont be a problem anymore. If you carry out a compulsion 'just this once' then the fear will go away, just like that. Everything will be fine again, right?

In reality though, it doesn't work like that, because you will listen to that voice again and again. Before you know it, you find yourself in an endless cycle of obsessions and compulsions. You become a slave to the voice inside your head that repeatedly tells you to do this or do that, otherwise something will go wrong.

We must accept that we can't control everything that happens, and certainly not by carrying out these actions that we think are somehow going to effect the outcome of something. We need to recognise that voice in our head for exactly what it is - just that, a voice! Nothing more, nothing less. That voice doesn't hold any power over anything, not the future, not the outcome of a situation, nothing.

In reality, nobody in this world knows what is going to happen from one moment to the next. Everybody knows this, but for somebody with OCD this can be a particular difficult concept to accept. The unknown equals fear. Fear needs to be contained - and the OCD mind resorts to compulsions in order to do this.

By learning to come to terms with and accept that life involves risk, it involves not being able to control everything, it becomes easier to control our OCD. We gain more power over those thoughts that terrify us so much and we realise that they hold no real value, and no action that we carry out is going to stop the thoughts coming back nor keep us safe from something bad happening.

In fact, the only thing that is going to weaken those thoughts is by challenging them, rather than doing everything in your power to make them go away. Facing them upfront at a pace that you are able to cope with will help you realise that these thoughts are useless, they aren't helping you or keeping you safe from anything. Instead, they are only making the fear more intense, and making you think you are in control when in reality, are you really in control if you can't ignore them?

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