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Friday, 19 August 2016

Dealing With Rejection

Yesterday was A-level results day and I had pinned all of my hopes on going to my first choice University, as most 18 year olds going to University do. Everything had been perfectly planned out in my head for months; exactly what I was going to do and where I was going to be and where I was going to live - I couldn't wait.

Unfortunately, those dreams quickly came crashing down when I logged into UCAS track at half past seven in the morning, only to be greeted with the words 'unsuccessful' before I was even aware of what grades I might have achieved. Now of course, I assumed the worst. 'I must have failed every exam', 'I must have got terrible grades', I thought to myself. I then proceeded to spend the next hour and a half dreading going in to school to pick up my results to be met with an inevitable feeling of failure and disappointment.

However, quite the opposite happened and I was actually pleasantly surprised with my grades. As it turns out, I had only missed the offer by 2 UMS points (which is barely anything, if you don't know what UMS is) but they still out-right rejected me. I tried ringing immediately after finding out, practically begging for them to still consider me, but they wouldn't budge. They didn't want me and that was that (which was put quite bluntly to me on the phone).

Rejection can be hard to cope with - especially when you already struggle with feelings of not being good enough. It makes feeling inferior ten times worse and it is difficult, if not impossible, not to take personally. It leaves you feeling crap about yourself, questioning whether the fault is with you and often coming to the conclusion that it must be.

However, it is totally okay to feel disappointed if you have been rejected - it is a perfectly natural and normal response. Whether you have been turned down for a job, or just missed out on your University offer, know that it is absolutely fine for you to feel upset. In fact, sometimes you need to just cry about something in order to move on from it, and that is nothing to feel ashamed about. Let yourself feel sad, disappointed or angry, but also bear in mind that these feelings will pass.

Being rejected is a part of life and that really sucks, but it brings with it new opportunities. Taking a different direction than what you had planned out isn't necessarily a bad thing, in fact it could work out to be the best thing to ever happen.

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