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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Choose Recovery for Yourself

Making the decision to recover from your mental illness is definitely not the easy option, but it is worth it. From the moment that you choose to recover you have already started the process of improving your life and becoming more like the person you want to be.

I think a key thing to bare in mind is that recovery looks different on everyone. For one person it may mean facing their worst fears over and over on a daily basis. For another it may mean getting up out of bed, washed and dressed everyday. Both scenarios will be equally challenging for the person who is trying to overcome them, no matter how easy it looks to an outsider.

Something that I have come to realise though is that you have to choose recovery for yourself - you have to want it as much as anybody else in your life. It's no use only doing something because other people are urging you to unless you are willing to commit.

Since moving away to University several people in my life have encouraged me to seek support from the adult mental health service where I am now living. At first I was extremely reluctant and basically told everyone to back off (in so many words). There was no use me going to see anybody if it was only to please other people, otherwise how could anyone expect me to co-operate? I had decided that being forced into treatment wasn't going to help me.

However, I then realised that I did need support and did in fact want help, but it was only when I had reached that conclusion myself that I could actually begin to engage with what people were telling me.

Obviously it's important to listen to other people when they express concern and suggest that you should get help. It's not always an easy thing to hear and initially it can be tempting to just deny everything and refuse. Sometimes when we are so caught up in a bad state of mind it can be difficult to think rationally and decide what's best for us.

Saying this, I also believe that you have to also be active and agreeable in the decision to get help and start on the road to recovery. I have certainly found this an important aspect for myself, anyway.


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