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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Alcohol & Antidepressants: A Bad Mix?

This post is a reminder for future Lisa: never drink again.

For me, drinking is all fun and games whilst I'm doing it but give it a few hours and you may find me crying on the bathroom floor. So why do I drink then, I hear you ask?

Alcohol makes it easier for me to be myself around people. Ask any of my uni friends and they'll tell you they like drunk Lisa (I like drunk Lisa too). She's more carefree, talkative, confident and funny. It makes being in social situations more bearable and allows me to express myself when I otherwise wouldn't feel comfortable doing so. When you are around your friends, you don't want to be the miserable one bringing everyone down, so a few drinks helps me feel more...cheery?

However, alcohol and mental illness don't always make a good match, especially if you are taking medication for your mental health. I've been reminded of this today because, after a few drinks this afternoon, I feel like shit this evening. Sure at the time I felt great without a single care in the world but now I'm paying for it. I feel depressed and anxious and like I cannot cope anymore.

I should have seen it coming really as I'm taking antidepressants and the leaflet does warn against drinking alcohol whilst on the medication, but give me a break it's New Year's Day. And yes a few people on Twitter reminded me that alcohol is in fact a depressant (so I can barely be surprised that it makes me feel depressed) but sometimes I conveniently forget that fact and just want to enjoy myself like every other nineteen year old. I'm only human, after all. So if you are sitting there condemning me and thinking to yourself 'this is all your own fault for being an irresponsible idiot', then go ahead, I am thinking it too.

What is your experience of mixing alcohol & medication? Does drinking have a negative effect on your mental health?

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