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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Expressing Our Mental Struggle Physically

TW: ED, self-harm

When struggling mentally, we may feel the only way convey our struggle to others is to use our body. It may be our way of reaching out - of letting people know that we aren't okay. For when it is possible to see that something is physically wrong from the outside, we no longer have to explain our mental pain because our body speaks for us.

For example, somebody with anorexia may feel afraid to gain weight in case people no longer show concern for them. When people can see that you are underweight, they treat you with care as though you are a fragile and could break at any second. So when you gain weight, you may fear that people will no longer treat you like the 'sick one' even though mentally you feel sicker than ever.

Sometimes it's therefore easier to keep on causing physical damage to our body instead of trying to get others to understand how we are feeling on the inside. Perhaps even we don't fully understand how we are feeling and so expressing our pain with our body feels like the only option.

However, using physical destruction to cope with negative emotions does more harm than good and potentially makes recovery harder in the long run. Because not only do you have to deal with your mental pain, but also the physical damage to your body. Plus, it's incredibly difficult to escape the cycle of self-destruction once it has pulled you in.

I therefore urge anybody who is struggling with any form of self-harm to seek help. Speak about how you're feeling, because there are people out there who will listen and care. Don't wait until it gets to the point where you feel the only way to express your mental pain is to inflict physical pain.

Samaritans (UK) - 116 123
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